Global Youth Model
United Nations Conference

Empowering Youth, Pursuing Global Peace

19th-22nd July, 2019
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The Global Youth Model United Nations (GYMUN), also known as Global Youth MUN is a 4 days travelling International conference which is dedicated to empowering youth in pursuit of global peace. Following in the footsteps of UN, GYMUN ’19 aims to mobilize and bring together talented youth from around the globe under one roof, on discussion table because empowered youth is the key perfectly sized to unlock the gates leading to global peace. Youth are the agents, if equipped with the right ingredients, can sail the sinking ship to the shore. GYMUN aims to provide the medium to discuss pressing issues like illiteracy and gender inequality, entrepreneurial deficit, radicalization & violent extremism and threat to global security regime, eleventh hour crisis and conflicts etc

The agenda of GYMUN is to foster dialogue on building peace among the youth from around the world and exchange their ideas which in itself is one of the machinations to build peace. We at GYMUN believe in the notion that if the mind can conceive it, one can achieve it. The idea will not only reflect and permeate through all aspects of our conference, this experience is going to amplify the potential of our future leaders twofold.


Experience what it's like to be a diplomat



Our delegates are in luck because GYMUN has a special treat in store for all them. Inspired by the much celebrated TEDX events, we have invited some well known global youth leaders as our guest speakers to come and share their journey and tips to get our delegates on the road to becoming global youth leaders. Don’t forget your pens and note pads at home because this session is surely going to leave you starstruck.



Committee sessions supervised by the Board of Dais are the heart of a Model United Nations Conference where the delegates get to role-play the diplomats of their previously assigned countries and voice their stances on the topics which will also be assigned ahead of the conference along with the study guides. These sessions test their capability and resilience as the potential future leaders through drafting, debates and negotiations and provide them with the opportunities to voice their young and earnest ideas to formulate resolutions.



The closing ceremony featuring the “GRAND COLLOQUIUM” is one of the many attractions for delegates before they bid farewell to each other and the amazing city of Kuala Lumpur. They will be met by some really renowned and top notch personalities who will give talks on the main theme of GYMUN 2019 and share their knowledge and expertise with the diplomats.


A place to make memories for lifetime



Diplomatic Dinner is held to help delegates break the ice and get to know each other better. The biggest learning opportunity is through the diversity of delegates coming from different parts of the world. Diplomatic dinner caters not only to the delegates but also to top notch personalities featuring government officials, UN representatives, ambassadors, professors and mentors and provides the perfect portal to delegates to seek guidance and expand their networks.


GYMUN is not just an academic conference, it’s an experience of a lifetime and we at GYMUN want you to enjoy every bit of it. We shall encourage all delegates to step out of your hotel rooms and meet the Secretary General and Board of Dais up close. What better way to break the ice than playing games with them without having to follow the rules. It is an optional affair and not a compulsion to be among the cool squad unless of course you are not cool or you want to miss out on all the fun.



After the tiresome conference regime, a recreational city tour has been arranged on the 3rd day to help delegates explore the city and take a closer look at the culture of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


The most fun and attractive part of the GYMUN or any MUN for that matter is the cultural night on 3rd and last day of the conference. All delegates dress up in their cultural attires and showcase their culture through different and colorful performances.

Midnight celebrations

GYMUN 2019 will be concluded at mid-night, marking the start of a new era of a powerful global youth movement by lighting the sky of Kuala Lumpur with sky lanterns to be lead by the Secretary General. 


The Official Venue of Global Youth Model United Nations 2019


5-Star International Hotel

100, Jalan Putra, Chow Kit, 50350 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah
Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The Official Rundown of Global Youth Model United Nations 2019

11.00 AM  –  01.00 PMAirport Assistance
02.00 PM  –  03.00 PMHotel Check In
05.00 PM  –  06.00 PMRegistration
06.00 PM  –  06.30 PMOpening Ceremony
06.30 PM  –  07.30 PMHear it from the Expert
07.30 PM  –  08.30 PMDiplomatic Dinner
08.30 PM  –  08.35 PMClosing
09.00 PM  –  11.00 PMGame Night
08.00 A.M – 09.00 A.MRegistration
09.00 A.M – 09.30 A.MMeeting Session 1
09.30 A.M – 10.00 A.MCoffee Break
10.00 A.M – 12.00 A.MMeeting Session 2
12.00 P.M – 01.00 P.MLunch
01.00 P.M – 02.00 P.MMeeting Session 3
02.00 P.M – 03.30 P.MMeeting Session 4
03.30 P.M – 04.55 P.MMeeting Session 5
04.55 P.M – 05.00 P.MClosing of the day 2
07.00 A.M – 08.00 A.MPreparation for Kuala Lumpur City Tour
08.00 A.M – 03.40 P.MKuala Lumpur City Tour
03.30 P.M – 04.00 P.MDepart to Closing Ceremony
04.00 PM  – 05.00 PMPreparation for Closing Ceremony
05.00 P.M – 06.00 P.MRegistration for Closing Ceremony
06.00 P.M – 09.55 P.MGrand Colloquium
   Cultural Performance
   Gala Dinner
   Dissemination of Awards
09.55  PM  –  10.00 PMClosing
10.00  PM  –  11.30 PMFree time 
11.30  PM  –  12.30 AMTo the new Beginnings
09.00 A.M – 11.00 A.MPreparation for Check Out
12.00 P.M – 01.00 P.MAirport Assistance