Executive Council

The Executive Council is the main Governing Body of Global Youth Model United Nations (GYMUN) headed by the President. The members of the committee includes the Secretaries-General, the Director-General and the Advisors from Globalizon.


Sakhir Ali Qureshi is a sophomore at University of London pursuing a degree in law and has the absolute privilege of serving as the President of Global Youth Model United Nations (GYMUN).

Being an avid MUNer, an outstanding debater and and an excellent event manager, we are confident that he will leave no stones unturned to make this year’s conference a one-of-a-kind-experience. He has previously served as the Secretary General of Asia Youth International MUN 2018, Thailand, as the President of Sadiq Model United Nations, as an Under Secretary General at Asia World MUN, South Korea and as the Chairman of Bahawalpur Art & Science Olympiad.  We believe, this conference is bound to be a success under his leadership.